2016-08-02_0010Hi! I’m Jamie. I live in British Columbia, Canada with my guy and our fur baby, Linda Honey Boo Princess. We both love our morning coffees, lazy days at the beach and hiking the beautiful trails our backyard has to offer. We also love exploring what is beyond our backyard and so far I have been to a variety of places in Asia such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia as well as to places on this side of the Pacific ocean such as the US, Mexico & Ecuador.

I am a wedding photographer with a passion for all things photo and travel related. I hope to inspire others with our not-so-vacation-y adventures. I feel that through our adventures to new places, we learn a bit about the world as well as a bit more about ourselves that we would never learn just sitting on our couch in front of a TV at home or on a beach at a resort. I hope that by embracing other cultures, we can become closer as a people rather than individual races.

Did I say I have a passion for all things photo & travel related? I meant obsessed. I find that as I go through gear reviews and impressions that many are done by very tall men which doesn’t help me when it comes to making decisions. I often find that I purchase an item only to realise that since the review was done by someone probably larger and taller than I, it’s not accurate. I hope that my reviews can help all my fellow shorties out there!

There is so much out there to explore and discover and I hope to share these experiences and how I capture them with you.

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PS. We love good food. The guy is gluten intolerant and so quests to find good GF food is always in our travel plans!