The Sunshine Coast

For my birthday weekend, we decided to make a trip out to the Sunshine Coast. There are still so many parts of BC and north of the Lower Mainland that we want to explore and we’re taking every opportunity we have to do to so.

I think that in my brain, spending the $400 – $500 to do a local trip just somehow didn’t make sense. Especially not when we could go down to Vegas or maybe even Mexico for around the same amount. Why has it taken us this long to visit more of our backyard? That’s why! We have not regretted a single moment that we’ve decided to do any local trips though!

Since this wasn’t a long weekend, we didn’t make a ferry booking. Luckily we managed to get on no problem but I think had we not shown up as early as we did, we probably would have had to wait.


Learning to pack light is still a struggle, especially when we have a vehicle that will fit a fair about of stuff. This trip, I packed for the cold as I had read that the weather was going to shift. Turns out, the sunshine coast got its name for a reason…


Ty wasn’t able to find any decently priced AirBnbs and one of the dog-friendly hotels we had found on my phone got booked up. We settled for the Bella Beach Inn. We’re not overly picky when it comes to where to stay. Most of the time we’re out most of the day anyway. This spot wasn’t grand, but it did worked! We were along the water and close by a couple cute food spots!

While taking a breather after our drive out, Ty glanced out the window and noticed kids jumping off the dock into the water. Immediately his eyes lit up and we just had to go out there.


Buhda generally loves her all day nap times but when we do go out, she finds spurts of energy that keep her going. We rarely ever have a large amount of space for her to run around in. When she does run around on our walks, it usually ends with us yelling for fear of her getting onto the road and getting hit by a car. Being on a wide open beach was amazing for her. She ran around like a free dog!


The view from our room was pretty grand. Falling asleep with the sunset in my window was pretty darn peaceful.


The coast itself isn’t too long. It took us around an hour to get to the very Northern point which is Earl’s Cove. Of course, we stopped all along the way to make sure we saw all the sites!


Picking between Toms and these was tough. If we were going to be exploring uneven terrain I prefer to keep my toes protected. But these were a tad overkill in the heat!!


Had the most amazing sushi at a Mama’s Japanese Kitchen in Madeira Bay. Um, why can’t they make sushi this good on the mainland? I don’t like salmon but maybe if my fish was as fresh and red as this salmon, I just might?! Also, real crab in them California rolls!


We soon learned that island life is all about relaxing walks and ice cream cones.


Something in Ty’s memory triggered a need for us to go canoeing. The evening before, I watched a couple glide across the waters with the sunset in the backdrop. It looked like a moment out of a romantic film.

We picked up our rental and were the last words that were left with us were “It gets very windy around 11:30. Have fun!”

What was pictured as a romantic canoe paddle out on the inlet became an hour of us two dummies paddling in panic praying to God that we weren’t going to crash into the rocky edge of the coast. There was yelling, there was paddling, there was more yelling, then there was a bitter silence the entire rest of the way back to shore.

When we got back, the rental guy runs up to us and says “Omg you made it! I heard you were in a bit of trouble and was about to come get you!!”

Let’s just say we are never canoeing on the ocean again.


Sunshine Coast, you were grand. We will be back for sure!

Jamie is a Photographer & Local Artisan in Burnaby, BC


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