Fergie’s Cafe

Squamish has a place in our hearts. We head out this way usually the moment Spring hits on May Long weekend. Camping out along the Squamish River Valley Road has brought out my longing for the outdoors. I never thought I’d like camping. Real camping that is. Up until 3 years ago, camping to me meant renting a cabin and having available plumbing. Since my first camping trip out here, I have fallen more and more in love with the forest – even if the squishy mud still gets me feeling a bit squeamish.

A friend recommended Fergie’s Cafe, a little breakfast spot which is located off the suburban neighbourhood, sort of behind it. Anyone in search of an establishment for breakfast probably would just stop at a Whitespot or Denny’s along the highway. This hidden gem is tucked away along the Squamish River. It’s actually quite close to the trail we take to camp.

At first glance from the road, it looks just like someone’s house. Go a little closer and… it still looks like just someone’s house.

It’s tough for Ty and I to eat out when a lot of restaurants have yet to introduce gluten-free items to their menu. In the last 2 years, we have chosen our restaurants carefully and made notes for all that have not resulted in an upset stomach. Our choices for take out end up being Chinese food (surprisingly), sushi or gluten free pizza (it’s been a long search). You’d think that breakfast being a pretty simple meal would be gluten free but turns out that wheat finds its way into eggs, bacon and hashbrowns somehow.

Ty was able to have an Egg’s Benny for the first time in a while on gluten free toast. Instead of ham, it was served with a fresh slice of tomato, normally something I would pick out of a meal but this was probably the best tomato I’ve had! Fresh sprouts on top? We had no complaints. A meal for 2 with coffees will cost you around $35-$40 CAD but it’s definitely worth it!

Fergie’s! We will be back for sure!



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