Travel Gear – iPod Shuffle


I’ve had many kinds of music devices over the years from Walkman Disc Players to many kinds of iPods. While in school, you were the cool kid if you had the newest device around. Nowadays, I can’t seem to keep up with the times but I also can’t really be bothered too anymore.

I’ve been a tiny bit old school lately (other than having a brand new iPhone of course). My iPod however isn’t anything fancy. I have an iPod classic which I purchased because of the amount of space there is on it (160gb). I don’t particularly enjoy listening to music on my iPhone unless I’m connected to the internet and have access to Spotify. I’ve lugged this fairly large and heavy music player around and it’s done a great job and I know that it’ll last me quite a few days which is good when travelling.

With that being said, I did recently upgrade from an iPhone 6 to 7 since my company was going to cover the cost of a new phone anyway. I managed to get a return on my iPhone 6 by going through Apples recycle program. After getting back about a couple hundred dollars from my old device, I decided to invest in this! An iPod shuffle.

I haven’t had a chance to give it a go quite yet but I’m so excited to not have to lug any extra weight around on any of our future trips. I always play my music on shuffle anyway. 15 hours of battery life is going to be perfect!



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