Local – We went snowshoeing

Winter has always been super boring for us and we never know what to do other than stay home or go out with friends for dinners – which can get expensive. We also tend to get lazy in the cold months since we’re not out on the trails hiking. A strange thing we’ve also discovered about ourselves is that… we’re incredibly anti social? Or are we just shy? Or are we super picky about the types of people we surround ourselves with? Whatever it is, it’s not that we don’t like our friends, we just prefer to be outside doing things that keeps us active.

Snowshoeing had never been on my “I gotta do this” list but has recently been an interest! Since we both never really thought of going out hiking in the winter, I figured this would give us an opportunity to!

We met up with our friends last weekend and had a go at this snowshoeing business. We did a calm meadow walk around a couple lakes which ended up being a bit too short so we decided to go for the hike up to Dog Mountain. To be honest, we really didn’t need snowshoes to walk the nicely groomed trail that lots of people had already marched through but it was pretty fun walking around up and down the little fluffy hills along the side! Much softer on the knees as well!

We moaned and groaned all the way to the top which made it worth the pain! The view of Vancouver is pretty spectacular. Definitely adding this to our list of Winter activities!!

2017-03-04_00122017-03-04_00132017-03-04_00152017-03-04_00142017-03-04_00172017-03-04_00182017-03-04_00192017-03-04_00202017-03-04_00162017-03-04_00212017-03-04_00222017-03-04_00232017-03-04_0024Shot with Fuji XT1 & 10 – 24mm f4 and Canon G7x


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