Photo gear – Lowepro Photo Sport BP 200 AWII

I never loved carrying my DSLR with me. That thing is heavy and the only time I’d lug it around was when I was shooting weddings. But as a result, I have missed many moments where I really wish I had just sucked it up and brought it with me.

As we start to head out on more and more hikes and adventures which usually lead us to amazing views, I have made more of an effort to pack my Canon 5D MKIII with me. And what really helps is a great back pack.

I picked up the Lowepro Photo Sport BP 200 AWII a couple months ago as I needed something to bring with me on my trip to Asia. Me, being someone who loves to buy things on impulse (well after I’ve watched a ton of youtube reviews and convinced myself I really need it), I made the purchase and within a week, it arrived in the mail. Yay!

My first thoughts were, “Oooo nice smooth fabric!”. Lowepro does a great job at keeping their backs very light but durable. I have gone through other brands of bags such as the National Geographic line up which are super neat and trendy looking but extremely heavy even before any gear gets put into them.


First thoughts

  • Great size for someone small like myself – I am 5″2 and it’s not cool when the pack is too large or wide.
  • Love the front pocket that I can slip items into quickly, like a light sweater, granola bars, pens, paper, anything that I need to put into the back in a hurry
  • Heavy camera goes in the bottom, other items up top – great for my back
  • Chest and waist straps are always great as it keeps the pack tight against your body with less strain on your back from it moving around

The Pros

  • As usual, great material – dirt does not stick on this smooth material or if it does, it wipes off really easily
  • The pack is slim and is a great size for someone who is of petite frame
  • Top flap has a pocket which is great for things like keys or your cell phone
  • I like that the straps for the front pocket can be loosened or tighened. If say I had a hoody that perhaps was slightly too large for the pocket,  I could loosen the straps to make it fit
  • Clasps for chest and waist are great so the pack is more securely attached to your body which I love if going on a long walk or hike
  • AW cover – this is always a great thing to have especially in Vancouver where it rains a lot. I have yet to have to pull this part out to use but with all other packs I’ve had it’s been a great feature
  • Insert for waterbottle – always good to have on a hike!

The Cons

I made the mistake of not listening to what reviews were telling me. Many had said that the 200 was meant for smaller bodied cameras such as Micro 4/3s and small DLSRs. Did I listen? Nope!

When on my trip to Asia, it was great as I had brought my Go Pro and Fuji XT1. For hiking trips when I bring my Canon 5DMKIII, it does.. not.. work. Attaching and removing front and back caps became old veeeeery quickly.

  • Will not work with a large bodied DLSR – it only fits if the lens is detached
  • I wish that this pack had some sort of option to hold a small tripod
  • While the waist strap is great and has zippered pockets on each strap, they weren’t large enough to hold my iPhone 6 – would I have wanted the pockets any larger though? I’m not sure – might end up being too bulky
  • The padded camera insert was it’s own little section but there is nothing dividing top from bottom – a lot of items would get lost at the bottom around the padded insert.

Final thoughts

While a great looking pack and a great slim size for my body type, I would have reached for my Lowepro Photohatchback 16L as it fits my 5D MKIII with a medium sized lens (24-70) perfectly without the dividers. Perhaps the 300 AWII would have been a better fit for my DSLR? For travel, this is a great pack and holds everything I need at a M43 camera and go pro size. You really don’t want to be carrying that much when travelling anyway!

Shot with Canon 5D mkiii with 50mm f1.4


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