Osoyoos – A Winter Getaway

It’s common for most to want to leave to warmer climates for the Winter, because…why not?

Winters are cold, dark, wet, gloomy. They make people depressed – I know I get more bummed out in the Winter months for sure.

But sometimes, we don’t have the luxury or money to travel too far away. For a very long time, I’d always want to book trips overseas or down south to places I’d never travelled to before. But I realized, I hadn’t really explored too much of BC itself!

Ty and I have been on a quest to look for our ideal home. While we do value the convenience, we know that eventually we are going to outgrow the chaos of city life and will want a place that is closer to nature to settle down in.

This Winter, we decided to make a trip to Osoyoos, just south of Kelowna.


We picked up a Modo right by our condo, got some Timmy’s and headed out for the interior.


I’ve driven to Kelowna once in the Summer but never in the Winter. Actually, I haven’t really done too much Winter driving and since we rarely ever get snow in the city, driving in it is still fairly new for me!

Since Osoyoos is further south, we took Hwy 3 instead and was it ever a beautiful drive!


Us city folk are never prepared for harsh weather. My Sorels are meant for rain!


Ty and I are at the point in our relationship where cards and gifts that we just won’t use are just silly. In the last couple years, we made the decision to pool together our money to buy items that benefit both of us or at least combine our hobbies together. We often are so busy with work that we rarely get to hang out or adventure on weekends. Escaping on mini getaways like this are times when we are free of distraction and able to actually enjoy each others company.

This year, we bought ourselves a drone. Merry Christmas to us! 🙂


Our original thought to visit Osoyoos was to seek out potential plots of land that we could invest in and eventually build our own home on. After a bit of research and speaking with a couple financial institutions, we learned that it’s basically downright impossible to get a loan for a piece of land, unless you fully intend on building right away.


We drove from Osoyoos up through Oliver, Pentiction and eventually made it to West Kelowna.


Without a real plan, we sought out parks and “green” spaces to take photos in on Google Maps.


Many people tell me stories of all the animals that they see living in such a beautiful place like BC. I often envision an abundance of these critters in these areas but never get to see any!

Ty spotted quite a number of deer up in Naramata as we were making our way back from Manitou Park.


One of my dreams is to one day be able to work remotely and travel the world.


So after exploring for about 3 days, we came to a conclusion that life in the interior is pretty … darn … slow. It was so slow that we decided to cut our trip short by a day and head home.


Of course, with our luck, it was the one day that the Coquihalla was shut down for over an hour due to an accident.


Personally, getting stuck in the snow was sort of an exciting moment for me! For Ty on the other hand… Good thing he had his Nintendo!


I will say that the drive home was pretty darn intense and I never ever want to drive home at night in a snowstorm ever again. But I’m pretty proud to have gotten us through a snowy, dark, slushy, slippery, cold and intense evening of driving!!!!!

Shot with Canon 5D mkiii & 24-70 f2.8


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