Getting ready for veggie season

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry for the extremely long hiatus! We’ve both been super busy with life and work. I hate starting projects and giving them up part way through.

I started this blog in hopes of writing about all our passion projects like everything from Travel, family to our exercise habits, diet and hobbies!

This weekend, farmer Ty decided to get started on his crop. In the Lower Mainland, March is usually the month where we start getting warmer weather and is the sign that we are done with the cold!

We’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen this year as we’ve had some crazy snowfall which is strange for this area!

In the last couple of years, Ty and I have changed our diet. Ever since discovering that he’s intolerant to gluten, we cut out fast food, we stopped eating out as much. We eat less processed foods – it’s insane! That’s what we lived off while in school. Campbells Chunky soup and Sidekicks pasta. I can’t even put any of that in my mouth now!

Because of our increased love for fresh fruit & veggies, we’ve thrown around the idea of growing our own food. We’ve also thrown around the idea of possibly becoming Urban Farmers! But of course… before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we’ve decided to dedicate this summer to starting small and seeing how well our patio garden does!

Here’s to growing and eating local!


Shot with Canon G7x


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