Photo gear – Lowepro Photohatchback 16L


I have spent the last 7 years buying and selling tonnes of gear. When I first started really getting into photography, I would be so stoked to just be able to afford anything extra other than my basic camera set up. As my set ups grew or changed, I soon had to upgrade the bags I had to house everything. But every time I made the decision on a certain bag, brought it home and tried it, there was just something off about it that didn’t work with my lifestyle. Mind you, my lifestyle and style of shooting have changed since I first started as well!

Each time I found something that just didn’t work out, I’d go on a hunt for something new. I started off with Lowepro but didn’t like that they were so plain and clearly a camera style bag. My trendy side wanted something made of canvas and that looked cool and unlike a regular camera bag. But, with style, sometimes comes impracticality.  Canvass is often very heavy and bulky which makes lugging around gear very tiring.

I’ve purchased backpacks, sling bags, waterproof bags, large bags, small bags, waist packs… you name it. I got to a point where I had a couple tote boxes full of bags and each one was great for a certain thing. One might have been good for weddings.. but not so great for day to day. Sometimes I need to pack more if say I am shooting video at a wedding which involves quite a bit more gear. I just could not find the perfect bag.

…Then I found this! The Lowepro Hatchback 16L. I had come across this bag while walking through a Best Buy one day. I hadn’t really done much research on it before purchasing and will admit it was an impulse buy, but it was a good impulse!

Here are my pros and cons!


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth slick fabric that wicks off water and dirt
  • Durable feel
  • 16L is perfect for someone like me 5″2 and petite!
  • Pack straps have a clip which I love as it’s secure and more comfortable
  • Lower back compartment for camera – great for someone who might have back problems such as myself as weight is balanced at your core. Also great for anti-theft.
  • Waist strap is a nice touch as you can flip the pack around to access items
  • All Weather cover – perfect for someone who is out and about on the trails
  • Upper compartment is perfect for day to day items such as your wallet, keys, phone, etc
  • Side elastic water bottle holders are great for easy access to your water bottle or other items such as a granola bar or phone
  • Middle padding that splits the bag into 2 can be popped open to convert the pack into a full sized backpack


  • Occasionally I need to go to a meeting and would like to bring my laptop, this pack isn’t large enough to hold even a small laptop, however, will hold an iPad perfectly
  • At times, I wish I could bring a small tripod along with me on shoots and this pack doesn’t provide an option for one. Given, it is a small pack so having that option might take away from it being nice and slim. A top strap on one side of the water bottle holders might work as a small tripod holder or even straps on the bottom like a backpacker styled pack might work as well

I have very few complaints about this pack and continue to use it for day to day use even if I’m not shooting. It’s great for a day hike and allows me to carry everything I need like snacks, water, a light outer shell, flashlight, cell phone and first aid kit. I have put this pack to full use and don’t have any regrets getting it, which says something given the number of bags I have been through!!

Lowepro already has the 2nd versions to this pack out here.


Shot with Fuji X20


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