Stop, and enjoy the sunrise

We know the sun rises every morning. We know it gets brighter and we can feel its warmth. But how often do we actually make an effort to see the sun rise? For a lot of people, probably never.

A couple months ago, I stumbled across an Instagram account called @Chasingsunrise. Or rather, I guess they stumbled upon me as they liked one of my images! I popped into their account and scrolled through a few images. Not really thinking much of it, I followed them. A little while after, I found a tank top on their website with the words “You were born to do more than just pay bills and die”. True that! I thought. I need me one of those tanks!

These guys are all about doing things that we love outdoors. They are a small group of friends with a passion for camping, for being active and just enjoying life. And since they live in Vancouver, they all understand how challenging it can be making new friends in this city. It’s not easy! It’s quite difficult actually. So they decided to create “Chasing Sunrise”. Since last Summer, they have been heading up on an early morning hike up Mount Seymour to watch the sun rise.

Our opportunity to hike up happened just over the weekend where we joined about a hundred other people on a hike in the dark, up to first peak. I knew we had to get up early, but it hadn’t really clicked in my mind that 3am would be when my alarm had to go off. I was worried I wasn’t going to make it but since this was my idea, I had to get up! Ty secretly wanted me to stay in bed.

We made coffees and dragged our groggy selves into the car and set off into the darkness. Once at the top, there was already a huge crowd of people ready to go.

As we set off, all I could really see was the gravel under my feet lit by the spot light of my headlamp. Everything around me was just darkness and every now and then I’d hear something rustling in the trees beside me. As we made our way higher and higher up the mountain, a little glow of light shined through the trees and you could see bits of the city lights.

About an hour later, we were at the top! Not bad at all!

Once we found our spot, we sat and sipped our coffees. We watched the glowing lights of the city flicker in the distance. The air was fresh and crisp. The sky went from blue to a warm glowy orange just along the horizon and behind the mountains. Soon, a little flare peeked out from on top the mountains and in a matter of seconds, you could see the sun slowly rise. For something so simple and that happens every single day, it was magical. We live in such a hurried world so focused on getting an education, getting a job, working day and night to pay the bills that we forget to enjoy the simplest things.

My challenge to you is get out and take your 5 minutes. Go outside and enjoy a bit of nature. If you can’t be outside, find something inside to enjoy and be thankful for. Last week, I did all my laundry and it felt good to be doing something that wasn’t work. I cooked dinner and thought of how nice it was to be able to put together a meal. I watered my plants and trimmed old leaves. I snipped cuttings from my basil and mint to root and grow another plant.

It’s a nice feeling to feel human and not be worked to the grave. Outside of earning money, paying bills, owning property is a human being just trying to live life so enjoy it while you can.



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