Travel Camera – Go Pro Hero 4 Session

2016-08-07_0002The newest addition to my camera collection is the Go Pro 4 Hero Session. I hadn’t jumped into getting this model as at the time I had recently upgraded from my original Go Pro to a Hero 3+ and have been quite satisfied with it actually.


So one year after its release, I’ve purchased the Hero 4 Session and have been quite happy with it.

We recently brought it with us on a road/camp/hike trip with us to Pemberton, BC and it was a very handy little thing to have around.

Normally I lug around my Canon 5D MKiii to shoot with and often the Hero 3+ but having the Session just makes things that much more convenient. Being able to take a quick video or snap a photo is super awesome – especially if you’re somewhere where you might not want to whip your phone out such as by a big lake!

We haven’t had too much time with this camera but here are my first thoughts!


  • Amazing size – while not that much smaller than the past models, just having it squished into this little cube does make it quite convenient. I attach it to a little grip and just have it in my bag ready to go
  • Easy of Use – Push the top record button once and it records video. Push the back button once and you’re in photo mode. I had to flip through the easy start manual once just to figure out how, then it was very clear and simple from then on
  • No need for extra casings – All the other models of Go Pro come with cases and depending on what you are filming, whether you need audio or whether you’d be underwater, would determine what kind of back door you’d need. The Hero Session eliminates the fuss of having to keep changing this
  • Waterproof – While you cannot swim as deep with the Session, it’s still great for a day at the pool or even out at the lake
  • Audio – Front and back mics. No fussing with the back doors, no fussing with the audio. Love it!
  • Battery Life – The box says it lasts 2 hours. We spent 2 full days out and about and the camera still had battery life until the very end. Of course we weren’t shooting continuously. I was satisfied with what I could capture with it.
  • Wifi – Easily connects to the app on my phone so I can view my images/videos or use the camera 🙂
  • Price – More affordable than other models, it goes for $250 – $280 CAD.


I may not call this a Con, but maybe more of an “on the fence”

  • Internal Battery & Auto Shut off – All other Go Pro models I’d say don’t have great battery life. I find that for a big trip, having 2 extra batteries really helps. The worst thing ever is reaching a destination and seeing something so amazing and then not being able to capture it. Hero Session has an auto shut off feature so after each video or photo, the camera shuts off to conserve power. The one thing I am on the fence about is that it does take around 2 seconds before the camera turns on and is fully recording so if anything were to happen in the spur of the moment, you’d probably miss the beginning. While it does save power, it would really be sweet if the camera turned on a lot quicker. But that being said, we can’t have it all can we?
  • Audio – While it is neat that there are both front and back mics, I noticed in some of the footage I had shot, you can’t really hear me, even though we were in a pretty small area such as the car. That being said, I am quite soft spoken, so that’s not Go Pro’s fault. Guess I will have to start speaking up!


My final thoughts, it’s a great camera. I love being able to just have it in my bag to take snapshots, especially if we’re going somewhere where there may be water. It’s so tiny that  wouldn’t think twice about bringing it along with me anywhere. It’s cheaper than the other Go Pros and easier to use. I would still default to the Go Pro Hero 3+ or 4 if I’m shooting anything professional or if I’m on a longer trip but as a secondary camera, this is totally worth it.

Shot with Canon 5D mkiii & 50mm f1.4


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